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About This Site

serves as a landing page for librarians who are interested in the most advanced and cost effective open source automation solution on the market, LibLime Koha. offers a functionally advanced version of Koha and ready access to the most experienced Koha software support company in the industry, LibLime. Of the libraries worldwide using a variation of Koha, over 700 use the version supported by LibLime.

About LibLime Koha

Since the original implementation in 1999, Koha functionality has been adopted by thousands of libraries world wide, each adding features and functions, deepening the capability of the system. With the 3.0 release in 2005, and the integration of the powerful Zebra indexing engine, Koha became a viable, scalable solution for libraries of all kinds. LibLime Koha is built on this foundation. With its advanced feature set, LibLime Koha is the most functionally advanced open source ILS on the market today.

Download LibLime Koha
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Download LibLime Koha now
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Learn more about the new functionality in LibLime Koha by reading the Release Notes
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For additional information check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions
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If you're interested in accessing the source code behind LibLime Koha, go to our public git repository
What's in LibLime Koha
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Support for industry standards and guidelines - Z39.50, SRU, and SIP2
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- XML-tagged MARC record storage provide quick access to data
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Fully developed ILS functionality - including Course Reserves, Acquisitions, Serials Control, etc.
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Support for third party Debt Collect, Telephone Notices, etc.

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